Our Services

Below are the typical services, however, each client and project is unique and will be treated as such. We will jointly decide how I can best help you meet your home goals and in what capacity my involvement will best suit your needs. We will design a service for you that allows you to soon be living your best life in your ideal version of your home.


2 hour working design/planning/brainstorming session.

For any sized project, this is our prerequisite, Project 101, meeting. You must attend.

For some clients, this is a one-time, consultation- only for a project that they are doing. I offer creative insight, recommendations, problem solving, trouble shooting and suggestions based on experience to make their DIY project shine. Off you go with great ideas and the confidence to carry them out!

For larger projects, it is a fact-finding, inventory -taking, discovery mission. We determine scope, expectations, style & colors, likes and dislikes, special requirements or challenges, establish a wish list and discuss other important things like vision, timelines and budget for the job. This is essential to launch us into a strong and satisfying working relationship with unified vision on a solid plan to transform or complete your home. 


The game changer. Transforming  basic, boring and outdated to a reinvented, refreshed and stylish version of your home. Changes can be big or small, but the result is always striking because we use the best local skilled trades, quality materials, and creative and distinguished elements in your design to make it timelessly, uniquely and stunningly yours. 

Together, we dream up a vision that is perfect for your space and bring it to life. We strive to do this with convenience, clear communication and attention to detail throughout the entire process—planning, material selections, the construction, and ideally, finishing up with furnishings, decor and styling for the most complete, polished look.

Furniture, Decor & Styling

Let your style speak out! Down to the last detail, we will pull together a beautiful, functional and welcoming room according to your tastes and needs. Our objective is to identify and personalize your style through expert use of color, balance, texture, silhouettes and patterns that play to your aesthetic taste. No cookie cutter looks. Each design is created for you and is yours alone.


Our room decorator service saves you precious time and the aggravation of costly mistakes. You have the advantage of our years of experience, access to dozens of high quality trade resources and customization programs, and the knowledge to source or produce amazing and unique items for you. We also believe in repurposing and reusing pieces when possible. Incorporating sentimental items or family heirlooms in an unexpected and ingenious way is what we do. 

A little fluff or a complete overhaul? Whether its the entire room’s contents, from rug to chandelier, to the trim on the pillow or just a refresh using mostly what you already have and infusing it with a few key items to make it look and feel new, there is a level of service for you.

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