Meet Nikki

Thanks for stopping by my site. If we are going to work together, there are a few things about me you might want to know. After all, design is personal business. I will be spending time with you, guiding you in making good decisions for your home, and creating for you, your ideal, dream home. I want the experience to be pleasant and satisfying for you. I consider a project successful when the client considers me a friend at the end.

I am a grateful and blessed mom to four amazing humans. I value family, faith, integrity and power of love. I believe everyone deserves their best home that brings them joy. I love good coffee, dark chocolate, cute shoes, solitude, friends who drag me out of my house, walking by the water and laughing until I cry. If you ask me what my style is for my home, it would be hard to answer because I don’t like limiting labels. I’m a rebel at heart. You can get an idea what my dream home looks like by the elements I love: neutral colors, rich with texture and character, natural materials, unexpected items, oversized lighting, any shade of black, quality materials, and lots of light, with the occasional dark and moody room for drama, and a pop of bling here and there for contrast. Oh, books and comfort. Those last two, my friend, are priority for me.

Once upon a time I was an elementary teacher. Although I loved working with the students, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. After the birth of my two youngest daughters, I had the random opportunity to go to work for an interior designer and my passion was ignited. I knew instantly that this was my path. I followed and trained and learned everything she would teach me. I took courses, attended seminars, markets, found some mentors, and set my intentions to eventually have my own interior design company. I started small in 2012, doing staging, styling and decorating, and continued to grow and expand my services to where we are today. It has been an unbelievable experience. To think I would be able to be part of the lives of so many by creating homes for them to live, thrive, and love is just amazing and humbling. It is truly special.

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